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How to get out of bed in the morning

Good Morning! How did you feel getting out of bed this morning? Were you excited? Having a vision and plan for the day that you could not wait to execute or were you consumed with dred/fear/helplessness/all of the above? How … Continue reading

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My prayer journey part 1

I have been exploring prayer the past few months. I am convinced that conversations with God never get boring. I am literally so excited and feel so blessed to have experienced Him in this new way. Listen to my thoughts … Continue reading

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Is there a right time to give up?

Recently I have had an answer to prayer. It was a prayer that I had for several years and at times I doubted myself. I questioned if I could have the patience until the prayer was answered. You see I … Continue reading

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Dream Job Drama

So today I was having a convo with some friends about our jobs, life, love, relationships…I would call them the usual things people find themselves talking about at one stage or another. At first it started off as a complaining … Continue reading

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What kind of Person are You going to be this Year?

I am sure you have heard the phrases ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’… ‘Success wasn’t achieved overnight’…’Your habits form your character’. All these statements point to the well known and somewhat under appreciated fact that being the BEST you … Continue reading

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