The personal fight for change

This morning I was thinking about a change I want to make in my life. I have been playing with the idea of becoming vegetarian for health reasons. Because I have been thinking about it, I have instinctively started reducing the amount of meat I eat. I haven’t even tried to, it has just happened. Almost like my meat sensors are slowly being decreased. I have been thinking about this change because I have noticed that the more my mind grabs hold of the idea that I will be healthier without meat, the less i want it. It is quite amazing really because when I first considered going vegetarian, I thought it would be an almost impossible task.

This process has made me think about change in general and the way we over complicate it. I am convicted that if you are not 100% sold to the change you want to make, you get caught in this yoyo process of taking 2 steps forward and 5 steps back; generally living frustrated and hoping you could be a better person. I have lived like that myself and going through my current ‘journey to vegetarianism’, I have now experienced a better way. Today I pray that with whatever we decide to do, let us harness the beautiful power of the mind that God has given us. I also invite you to join me inviting God into every decision. With God guiding us and our minds fully set, it is impossible to fail. Impossible.

Nissi xx

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