Making room for the good in life.

I was listening to a sermon this morning and the point was made that the word possession in Hebrew means you  have to dis-possess something else. It may sound obvious but in life how wrong do we get it? e.g. wanting to lose weight and still eat the same with no exercise; wanting to move forward in our careers and business without putting in the work; wanting someone to love us without knowing how to love ourselves. When you look at it that way possession is maybe not as easy as it appears.

The truth is God has already possessed every good thing we need. When we make the decision to let Him lead us, the one thing we should be focused on is having Him. To let Him be the main focus. The next thing that happens is He gives us the insight, peace and wisdom to see these good things, that we already have manifest. I realised that when I am struggling to get something God has already promised me, my focus is wrong. I need to look to God and be thankful. I need to get my peace and rest in the knowledge that all good things are already mine.

I talk more about such realities in my new book ‘Lessons from Dad’. You can get it here.

NM x

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3 Responses to Making room for the good in life.

  1. Great post I checked out your podcast as well,it’s incredible you are a blessed young lady with great revelation.

    Looking forward to reading more of your future posts.

    Stay blessed

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