Living according to your unique design

The inspiration for this post came from something I saw this morning. I was listening to Hezekiah Walker’s song ‘Amazing’. The first part says “It’s so amazing, your love for me…If not for your grace where would I be”. While listening to the song I saw a cat walking along the slim edge of the roof. It was peacefully walking along on top of this like 5 level block of apartments. I was amazed! The cat did not slip, was not moved by the wind and was solely focused on looking forward, getting to its destination. I then thought how amazing it was that the cat had been specially designed by God to be able to walk in that way. If I tried, it would probably result in sudden death!

How crazy is it then that we all still find oursleves doing and saying and behaving in ways that God has not designed us to. Then when we feel the painful consequences of having e.g. a bad attitude, lack of faith, poor eating habits, not exercising, and so many other things, we get shocked. It should not be so! A while back I told myself I needed to make living by God’s design my priority because all other ways lead to death. Death of hope, faith, love and every other important thing ever in life. You see as the Bible says there is a way that seems right to man but leads to death. In the same way, when we trust in God it leads to life. Life to hope, love, faith and every other good thing.

In my mind, God’s way is my only option. Why settle for less?

NM x

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2 Responses to Living according to your unique design

  1. Lifetitudes says:

    So true. There’s an ease that comes when you are fulfilling your purpose. Walking on that ledge comes naturally to cats and if we human replicated their behaviour we would find life much easier.

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