Prayer Week Reflections: Monday.

Good Morning! Sorry this post is later than usual. It is my day off so I just wanted to chill a bit. The funny thing is, I was actually up at 5.30am because I signed myself up for the 6am prayer slot at church. What is a prayer slot you ask? Well….my church is currently doing a prayer week. Part of that is people committing some of their day to pray. Why do such a thing? Personal and corporate prayer are so important. There are some things that need the intimate, quiet prayers of an individual, and others that need people to join together in numbers. Either way prayer is a blessing, it is life-changing and it is necessary.

So I decided to post my thoughts as I pray throughout the week. Let me make it clear: I pray whether or not there is a prayer week at church. Prayer is fundamental to my being. At church they gave us a little booklet with prayer points and the one that stood out to me was to ‘pray for the kingdom of God to reign in Barking’. I have been going over certain words from the Bible in my head. I have spent a lot of time studying different powerful people, people that were focused on who they are in God and devoted themselves to being who God called them to be. People whose primary mission was to make God known. I want to live with that same mission. So I started thinking about my gifts and talents God has blessed me with. Honestly, I know I am not using them to the full ability. I could be doing more for Barking. I need to correct that. My prayer today is that God will give my church and I the wisdom, strength and commitment to be His light in Barking. That we will corporately and individually be our best for Him.

How are you showing the world love? Showing the world God? Could you be doing more? Or are you doing too much and burning out? I pray that you and I will get some clarity today and be bold enough to take all necessary steps in Jesus name Amen.


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