Being 20 something part 4


Following on from the last post, I thought it would be good to share some some thoughts on how we get that internal push. You know when you cannot be bothered anymore and everything seems like such a chore. When you are simply going through the motions in life. When that time hits, we need to reassess.  I had a point like thay towards the end of last year. I fwlt like I was losing direction and wanted the passion I once had to do and be my best.

To get back ro a good place, I took some time out and started thinking about where my head was at when I was driven.  I had to remind myself what my original motivations were. I then looked at my life now and compared it to then.  Honestly, you know what I found….I was more selfish. So caught up in myself,  I wasn’t enjoying life. You know one of tje the most amazing things is that humans work and live better when we work together. …So I started changing the way I thought about otherd. Instead of number 1 syndrome (I.e. always put self first), I turned my focus once again to how I can help others.

When I am feeling low generally I try and think of how I can be a blessing because I know that reaching out is a blessing in itself.

Love does wonders for change!

Nissi x

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