Easter, New Life and all things both old and new.

Christian or not I am sure you are aware it is Easter. As a Christian it is a time of remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Essentially a time of new life, forgiveness, unconditional love and a time to get right with yourself and God. Over the past couple of months I have returned to the drawing board. I had taken a step back to meditate and think and pray about where God is leading me this season. Yes I have a big master plan but I really feel I have to be in tune with wear God is leading me. I never know where God is leading me tomorrow so I make it a priority to be where he wants me to be today. My drawing board time has brought my dreams and passions into very clear focus again.
What do I mean by that? Last year I took the step of faith and released my debut book ‘Finding Me’. It was a great experience that took my too new faith levels and opened many new doors to meet many new amazing people. I even won the Zambian Excellence Award for ‘Best Author’. Off the back of that release came the opportunity to release my next book ‘Beauty Full’ in my homeland Zambia. Again this was an amazing experience to reconnect with my people and give something back to the young women of Zambia. All the proceeds from the sales of Beauty Full went to supporting community projects in Lusaka, Zambia. Working alongside Zambian based community conscious businesses TLC, Sherwood Greene and Ground Force I had an amazing launch, press release aired on ZNBC and got to visit a few of the amazing community projects run by Zambians. All of this was overwhelmingly great but I underestimated how tiring all of this would be. So I needed to have a break and that is what I have done the past couple of months. You will see my sporadic blog posts talking about how I am back and all that jazz. In the meantime I have planned my next blog series and launch event for Beauty Full in London.
Now I really am back I will be blogging and about reconnecting with yourself for the next couple of weeks! Until next time check out my books here: Beauty Full (http://www.amazon.com/Beauty-Full-ebook/dp/B009TOB9LC) Finding Me (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Finding-Me-ebook/dp/B006VOJQZY)

Also see pics from my whirlwind that was 2012 here:

2012-10-06 11.01.48 2012-10-06 10.32.34 2012-10-06 10.31.27 2012-10-06 10.30.48 2012-10-06 10.30.41 2012-10-05 16.47.19 2012-10-05 16.46.51 2012-10-05 16.26.47 2012-10-05 16.26.13 2012-10-05 16.14.10 2012-10-05 16.13.53 2012-10-05 16.13.40 2012-10-05 16.13.27 2012-10-04 21.09.19 2012-10-04 21.08.24 2012-10-03 13.13.14 2012-10-03 13.13.09 2012-10-03 13.13.01 2012-10-03 13.09.53 Zambia in pictures


About Plantain Periodicals

Hello! Welcome to the Plantain Periodicals blogs. The name stems from the kitchen moments I had with my friends at university cooking plantain and planning our lives together. I have used this space as a window into my mind and the way I make sense of all my experiences through writing.This is where I share those conversations and moments that happen inside my head as a young woman growing up in 21st century London. Hopefully you'll be entertained and also learn a thing or two. My main blog ad: www.nissiknows.wordpress.com My literature blog: www.plantainperiodicals.wordpress.com NMx
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2 Responses to Easter, New Life and all things both old and new.

  1. Wendy Zake says:

    You Are An Inspiration To All of us……Be Proud, It is Your Turn ❤

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