Broken & Blessed in God: Wisdom gained at Unbound youth camp

Last week I was at my church youth camp. It was my first time camping in a tent (for a week!!). I expected to be traumatized and was pretty sure I was going to call home crying at least once. Contrary to my very low expectations I had a great time. I have come home feeling refreshed and have been challenged to live for more, do more and seek ways to bless others. I was also greatly encouraged. There is so much to say about my time away but the one nugget of wisdom I was keen to pass on was the revelation I received about the Lord being our Shepherd.

Most people are familiar with the Lord’s Prayer and the line ‘The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want’. At the camp Pastor Mark (he has a surname I just have no idea what it is) broke down the relationship between a Shepherd and the head sheep. He explained how the Shepherd will break the legs of the sheep and then bind the legs to heal and carry that sheep draped over its shoulders while the bones heal. During this time the sheep bonds and forms a relationship with the Shepherd. When the sheep is fully healed it will then follow the Shepherd wherever it goes.

Similarly God will allow things to happen to us that are so painful and seemingly unbearable and we will question why we are going through these things. During our most painful times that is when we should draw closer to Him so that we can develop such a deep relationship and rooting in Him. Once we have healed the bond of love and trust will be such that no matter what in life we should be able to lean on Him and trust all will be ok. The problem is in our darkest moments we want to turn away and are angry with God for allowing us to because such pain.

I can personally testify to the love and strength God has given me to overcome many, many things. During my darkest moments He has been a safe place and He continues to be the best place for me. It is my prayer that you can experience the very real and comforting love and guidance of God as I have.
Nissi x

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2 Responses to Broken & Blessed in God: Wisdom gained at Unbound youth camp

  1. Victoria Josiah says:

    Pastor Mark Liburd if you ever want to look him up hun xx

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