Maturity: sometimes real love is walking away.


I saw this picture online and began thinking about situations I’ve had to walk away from as an act of love. Sometimes it is great to fight – good old perseverance. Other times the kindest thing you can do is walk away. I think of the things I knew were bad for me deep down but continued to do anyway and sure enough I got burned. Then there are the things I thought were good but were bad. The pain of discovering that all I had invested had been on vain. The only way I mananged to pull myself out of the pity party was to accept I was not perfect, draw on any lessons learned and forgive myself and any others involved. As a result I am beginning to see that the raging passions of youtg have to be controlled and tamed as we become mature adults because not every battle has to be fought. Sometimes it is easier (and better) to walk away.


About Plantain Periodicals

Hello! Welcome to the Plantain Periodicals blogs. The name stems from the kitchen moments I had with my friends at university cooking plantain and planning our lives together. I have used this space as a window into my mind and the way I make sense of all my experiences through writing.This is where I share those conversations and moments that happen inside my head as a young woman growing up in 21st century London. Hopefully you'll be entertained and also learn a thing or two. My main blog ad: My literature blog: NMx
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4 Responses to Maturity: sometimes real love is walking away.

  1. Ginny Jaques says:

    Good wisdom, once again, coming out through your flying fingers, Nissi. What you say reminds me of the verse that says “flee youthful lusts.” There are a few lusts in old age I still have to flee too! And silence in response to some challenges is best too, before we walk away. Thanks for the thoughts.

  2. glow47 says:

    This makes all the sense in the world to me to. Sometimes the best fights are the ones you walk away from. as fight never really solves anything anyway. and who cares that you beat up so n so ! In the end you just look like a fool and a week later no one even remembers you, or at best you’re in jail or someones truely hurt over something petty. Make peace & Love. most of all use your common sense.
    Sweetie once again you’ve scored high with a great blog.

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