Sometimes life just isn’t easy. What is the importance of discipline?

I woke up this morning thinking about some long term changes I want to make. I find that it is so important to look in at what I need to achieve in life then look back at what I have done and look forward to what needs to be done. This morning I woke up earlier than usual and used the time to read my Bible and pray and meditate for a little longer. It was great to get some time of peace and quiet before the rest of my family woke up. To think without interruption is such a blessing!

I then decided to listen to a sermon by TD Jakes entitled ‘Denial produces Discipline –‘. The title alone made me think about why I was so ill disciplined in certain areas – I had never denied myself that very thing I was trying to control. Instead of saying no to a little more sleep, or an overload of carbohydrates – I gave in. Needless to say I am now struggling to get my nutrition and sleeping patterns right. To think about the importance of denial and the fact that life is not easy is so profound.

How much would your life change if you stopped giving in to excuses. I know mine would improve hugely. Lets stop thinking about why we cannot achieve certain goals and focus on the discipline needed to get there.

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Nissi x

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2 Responses to Sometimes life just isn’t easy. What is the importance of discipline?

  1. Sweetie, take it from a long-time perfectionist – don’t be too hard on yourself. Use that perfection energy for momentum, but don’t be too much of a taskmaster to yourself or you’ll miss enjoying life. Just my opinion from almost sixty years of living … take care!

  2. I had gleemed myself a perfectionist.. but several years of trying to get by, I find myself jobless, and a week into being single after a messy breakup …. Life is never easy, and trying to start over is very difficult no matter what. Having faith, self reflection and loving yourself… is a good start. I am searching for discipline, and think I ll check it out.. thanks for the advise..

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