One of the most important lessons I learned from my dad.

Happy Father’s Day! I know it has been a little while since I last blogged here. Sorry. I could not let this day go by without writing a little something. Those who know me will know that growing up I was (and still am) very close to  my dad. There were a lot of lessons I learned from him. Dad’s (especially black fathers) get a lot of stick for not being around, or not paying enough attention to their children. However I want to celebrate my father today and let you into one of the most life changing lessons he taught me.

When I was around thirteen my dad said these words to me ‘a boulder can learn from a rock’. I did not understand what it meant at first but then he went on to explain. The saying means someone older, wiser, or more experienced can learn from somebody younger and less experienced. These words injected me with a crucial dose of confidence and self belief that I have had to draw upon at several points in my life. To know that no matter how inadequate or small I have felt in a situation, I can contribute and add value has allowed me to face challenges head on. These words from my father have largely helped me to grow into a young lady who is not intimidated by challenges and instead looks for ways to be that rock the bigger boulders in the world can learn from.

I am not even sure if my dad remembers saying these words to me but they have left an imprint on my life indefinitely. You may not have had a great relationship with your dad or might not even know him. I would like you to think about the words my father gave me and know that they apply to you too. If you do have a relationship with your father I would love to hear about something he has said or done that has had a positive impact on your life.


Nissi x


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4 Responses to One of the most important lessons I learned from my dad.

  1. Guy Mathiot says:

    While I cannot recall right now something my Father ( and he was pretty absent from my life) said that was profound – I would like to share this from my Step Grandfather ; “Politeness and courtesy is like the oil in the cogs of the machine – they don’t make the difference to whether the wheels go around or not – but they do make them go round more smoothly and easily.” I wish I could live up to that all the time, but the message is always there to draw me back to this simple fact of life.

  2. epho says:

    Good message Nissi,God has a way of preparing us for the future,its how we respond to those life changing experiences that matters.Parents,Guardians,Grandparents,Aunties and Uncles are like teachers,but we have to face the exams on our own.

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