2012: Success vs Significance.

Happy New Year!! Hope you had fab Christmas and New Year celebrations? 2012 is finally here and I am so excited. I mentioned in an earlier blog post that 2011 was my year of setting foundations and 2012 is my year of building on those.
This morning my pastor shared a very interesting sermon. The main point was distinguishing between success and significance. Some people work their whole life to be successful. They have the money, cars, women/ men but beyond their death no-one remembers them. Then there are the significant people who have immemse social standing and influence but possibly very little money e.g. Mother Teresa. So who do you want to be? Is it possible to achieve both.

I personally believe both is a perfectly acceptable goal. In fact we know people who have lived both (think Steve Jobs). I want to acquire money and material goods but also want to impact people’s lives. So…the first day of 2012 I spent in great reflection and positive anticipation. I think of the brand new year ahead of me and smile.

One of the greatest things in life is hope/ possibilities. I aim and am striving to be successful and significant. I know it will not be easy, will take a lot of effort and remembering what is important in life and most especially clinging to and walking with God believing that no matter what He is with me.

Hello 2012!

Nissi x


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10 Responses to 2012: Success vs Significance.

  1. Hi Nissi, I completely agree with you and well said! Happy New Year!

  2. nicole says:

    yes! both is possible! currently reading the steve jobs biography. so inspirational! like ayn rand’s works. happy new year to you, lovely! x

  3. Michelle says:

    Whenever I see or hear inspiring stories of people helping others it always pulls at my heart strings and I get this amazingly strong urge that I want to help people. Then life happens…you know full time work, kids etc and another day passes. Reading your words made me realise what I want……you absolutely hit the nail on the head…..I want to be significant. I want to know that I have touched others in a positive way. I want to look back on my life and know that I have made a difference. Maybe 2012 will shed some light on how this can evolve. Thanks for your words and Happy New Year!

  4. nelle says:

    There are certain things to do along the way, and you have a good handle on them… keep your focus, always remember to be you, and you will do well. Best wishes!

  5. Interesting you say 2011 was a year of building foundations, for you. Numerologically 2011 adds up to 4, “foundations.” Glad to hear 2012 is for ‘building on them!’ I’ll keep that one in mind!

  6. Eugene Hardy says:

    True enough.

    Personally, leading with who you are, (which makes a good corner stone), and what you have to offer and get you both. I would like both wealth and significance, but I’d lead with whether or not people benefited from my writings and poetry, which could mean not having wealth.

  7. Dan says:

    Wonderful post. Good way to start the morning, Reminding me of what’s most important. For me, the cars, houses, clothes, etc., won’t mean a thing if it can’t help me fulfill my God-designed purpose and be a blessing to this earth. It’s not success for success’ sake, it’s success for a Godly reason. And who is more qualified than God Himself to bring you to that desired end. I won’t play God in 2012. I won’t try to do it all alone.

    Thanks for sharing. God bless!

  8. Who do you want to be? Loved this ‘power’ question to start the New Year. Wow! Just getting caught up on blog follows…and it got me reassessing…Who do I want to be? #1 – I want to be ‘available’ to God, and in His plans, not running my own show. #2 I want to be aware this journey with Him may ‘cost’ me, but not be afraid to count that cost and go for it, #3 I want to remember His path may sometimes appear insignificant to others, but it’s the only place to be. #4 I want to serve and stay focused on Him, and that means being there for others.

    Thanks for awesome inspiration, and praying BIG blessings on your 2012, Nissi!

  9. willofheart says:

    I absolutely agree on this… this is a great post

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