Imperfections are ok.


Hiya guys,


Sorry it has taken  me so long to respond to some of your comments and post another blog. The past couple of days have been very crazy. Why is it just as you think you are about to get your life in order and everything seems to be working out, something, somewhere completely out of the blue comes to knock you off your peddle stool? I was just getting everything sorted for 2012 and began feeling pretty good about my forward planning self, so forward planning I let things of my present slide (hence the lack of blog posts). I was taking some time to re-evaluate and  re-adjust and get the balance right between planning for my thoughts of the future and my actions now and it hit me that I will probably never get it right. Not to be a pessimist but it is our imperfections that push us to do more and be more. It is thoughts of getting better that keep me excited and working hard, imperfections in themselves give me something to work past.


It is amazing because the type of problems we have and the way we view them say a lot about our characters. I thought to myself…2/3 years ago I was not thinking about thinking. I lived very much for the moment or a couple of days in advance. To be honest I thank God that I have found it in myself to start making preparations for my future. So even though I was a bit upset with myself for letting my mind run away with itself and letting my action for now lack, I am happy that I have noticed and am taking time to readjust.


I think that often times we can be too hard with ourselves. It is corny but in everything we should give thanks to God because depending on our outlook, I am sure there is a blessing (no matter how small) in there somewhere.


That said. Have a look at this video.  Now my life balance issues are nothing in comparison but it just goes to show how we need to pull things into perspective. There are always bigger things in life. This lady has inspired me majorly!

(Sorry I could not embed the vid for some reason):

Nissi x



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6 Responses to Imperfections are ok.

  1. nicole says:

    i agree with you, 100%, that imperfections are okay. it took me so long to be okay with saying that. this past year, i set goals to embrace mine through finding “The Real Me.” check it out!

    • Just had a look at the link. Your post is very encouraging! I am going to hav a look at the whole series. Funny enough I have just put my book ‘Finding Me’ to print and it explores a lot of what you talk abt too. x

  2. Project40 says:

    I agree. Embrace your imperfections and working on being the best you. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. My goal is to enhance my strengths and continue to work on my weaknesses. Once again, with the overall goal of being the best me I can be.

    Project 40

  3. nelle says:

    We can always seek more, never find a point of equilibria, or we can learn when we have enough information to make a call. In this case, you may never get it completely right, but you will get close enough not to count it as a worry – trust in yourself. And if you need to tweak as you go along, do so. Ultimately, we are usually hardest on ourselves.

  4. mariamccloskeyblogspot says:

    So nice to hear that we are all the same. Love your post and i agree. I am constantly trying to create a perfect now and future only to find the next day things have changed considerably. I am always reassessing my plans but they are no longer plans they are ideas which can be amended as each day unfolds.

    Enjoy your day.

  5. Great post, Nissi! You hit the nail on the head. Now, if I, and others, could only REMEMBER this. 🙂

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