Midnight snacks and an inability to exercise.


Yesterday evening I was driving home and it was late, I had worked hard and could tell that my hormones were playing games with me. I am trying (yet again) to make some small but significant changes to my diet and having McDonalds in the evening is part of that change. However as I said, it was late, I was tired, feeling the woes of womanhood pressing heavily upon my shoulders and since I was driving past a 24 hour McDonalds, thought it would not hurt to pass through (and order a meal). So anyway I drove through ordered a medium meal (only to be told that with a large meal I get a free glass. I thought why not and opted for the large) and continued my journey home. The meal hit all the right spots and I went to sleep happily that evening.

However today I am thinking about all the extra calories that I worked into my body and the less than equivalent amount of exercise I am willing to do. I am happy that at least I do not feel guilty about having the meal because (so I am told), guilt is an unhealthy emotion to have towards food. This puts me in a bit of a predicament because if I do not feel guilty about eating fried, fatty foods at night and furthermore enjoy eating fried, fatty foods at night – how will I make the change?

Last week I blogged about temptation and the fact that there is a biological impulse to all habits. Apparently chemical pathways are created in the brain that cause the reflex reactions we have to certain situations. That is why we have to replace bad habits with good ones and cannot simply aim at simply stopping an act so that a new pathway is created. That in mind I have decided that I need to find a new, healthy midnight snack.

Any ideas?

Nissi x


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9 Responses to Midnight snacks and an inability to exercise.

  1. nicole says:

    yes! kitchen yoga! http://nicoleandgwendolyn.com/2011/11/03/kitchen-yoga-8-video-blog/.

    gwendolyn recommends having a vegetable bone, but she doesn’t understand that humans want nothing to do with vegetable bones. 🙂 http://nicoleandgwendolyn.com/2011/11/09/dessert/.

  2. willofheart says:

    Foods refresh my mind hahaha…. so if that is the case I usually intake fruits specially if it is very late to avoid additional calories… great post … I love it…

  3. Navy Star says:

    Hi there,
    I noticed you liked one of my blog posts, so the least I could do is look at your blog! My night time snacks used to be awful. I ate dessert, a coffee + cookie, chips and sometimes I would eat a little bit of everything in the cupboard. My replacement? A cup of green tea. Not exactly something to snack on, but something to help me relax. If you really want to eat something, snack on some popcorn. Low in calories and tasty.
    Best wishes,


  4. I’d normally say eat whatever you want and then get up in the morning and jog or do yoga, it’s a great way to stay in shape. 🙂 But I would say try to avoid eating meat/ fried food late at night, as it tends to be a strain on your system to process at that hour…
    enjoying your blog 🙂

  5. Ggerri says:

    I totally feel you! I think it’s that cursed being a girl sort of thing. I get days where I want to eat everything. I just baked a batch of Lemon, Honey & Yogurt Cupcakes for fun and after trying one, I want to finish all 20+ of them but I am resisting. If you really have a case of the munchies at night, (I know this sounds unappetising but) munch on celery. It takes the body more calories to burn the calories present in celery. If you’re not a fan of the stuff, maybe biting into a stick will be enough to put you off wanting to eat anything. I am a bum and cannot exercise so I have no suggestions there 😉

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