Do you love yourself?

Morning All! I recently downloaded a newly published anthology of love poems and stories. I was so excited to come across the project because for the past 3 or so years I have been exploring love in my own life, others and writing poems and short stories about it. I have found that love changes us in many different ways by making us different. I cannot pin point the difference because the expression of love manifests itself differently for different people. The Bible says that perfect love drives out fear. The interesting thing is most people I have met who claim to be in love are also some of the most fearful people I know…So what has happened there?

One of the saddest things of our microwave, quick fix, all knowing generation is that we are also very suspicious. We seem to have lost a lot of moral grounding in a bid to assert ourselves and put no.1 first. As a result I don’t know that many people know what real love really is. Now I am only a humble 22 years of age and some people may raise their eyebrows and question what I know about love…Well I have lived through the terrible teens – a time of confusion, self hate and hyper self awareness. I learned during this time that if I am to enjoy my life and be a person who adds value to people’s lives instead of being bitter, I have to love myself. I have to be confident in myself and not be threatened by other people’s looks, ability and social standing. I have to know that I was created the way I am for a reason, love it, embrace it and nurture my own unique set of gifts. Put simply I have to learn to love myself. We can be many things to different people but if above all we are not true to ourselves by loving ourselves then it is worthless.

That said, I have worked way too hard this week and I am showing myself a bit of love by actually resting this weekend… methinks movies, pamper session…

 Nissi x


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31 Responses to Do you love yourself?

  1. Enjoy the love and enjoy the rest…a little pampering is a great way to show yourself some love..great post..Eliza Keating

  2. nicole says:

    suspicion, indeed! over the last year, i’ve worked so hard to remove those toxic, suspicious thoughts from my brain, allowing my heart to supersede everything else. it truly does make life more lovely. and last christmas, i gave my microwave to goodwill. it was liberating. x

  3. willofheart says:

    very well said… interesting… I like u’re post…

  4. Nissi, You are very blessed to already have these kind of insights about life. You have this one right on the money! In art and soul. ~ Gino

  5. skakk4 says:

    I think it’s a good thing to be true and good to yourselv. I love words, poems, used to write when singing in a band. But now, after I got sick, I wrote a couple of good poems. I dare to say so because other people a getting uncerten, like they don’t believe I wrote it. But I got straigt forward replies, that told me that, and here it comes, I was good. They liked it. But inside myselt a had the feeling while finishing my writing , that it was good. Now I’m talking about 2 poems or 1 poem and a short story. What I try to say, I have written 500 small lyricks, poems, short story that could go with music. And out of 500 I dare to say that 2 of them was really good, but the feeling inside, when you pick the right words, it’s like. Wauv, did I write that. It’s allright to be proud of what you’re writing, It’s allright to love yourselv, It’s allright to go through hard times and come out on the other side a little bit wiser. And if one can get these feelings or that experience into honest words. I belive these words will rock the world or make some one else to love you. Honesty. Reading your blog makes me more certain of what I’m doing is right. Simply write about, what happens in my life.A big hug from me to you, for making me wake up. Your blog is the first blog I read here on WordPress. Keep on writing plantainperiodicals 30-11-2011 from skakk4

  6. Wonderful post! I love what you said about people in love sometimes being the most fearful people out there. That is so true! I’ve found when I’m starting a new relationship with a guy, all I do is spend every day worrying about whether he actually likes me or not. I love myself a lot more when I’m single so I’ve stayed that way for a while now. Not enough people write about learning to love yourself. It’s so important!

    If you give yourself a chance to get to know and love yourself before getting into a serious relationship, it can make you stronger. It will be far easier not to let what someone else thinks of you effect your own confidence.

  7. Christina says:

    I grew up with a lot of abuse in my life so, loving myself was hard. I’m almost 36 (next month) and I’m still learning to love myself everyday. I’ve learned not to let others get me down. I know me; they don’t. I’ve learned to take care of myself and MAKE time to reflect and grow as a human. I’m not perfect and I remind myself of that every day. That just gives me more room to learn and be a better person. BTW, the only thing I use a microwave for is heating up a beverage or reheating food lol. I like homemade meals myself 🙂 Good post.

  8. admin says:

    22 or 222 you got it. Nice post.

  9. floroy1942 says:

    Hi Nissi,
    Thanks for dropping by. I was impressed with this post because you seem to have the knack of putting in a very nice way what is wrong with the world today (Re: first few lines of your second paragraph).
    I admire your outlook on life and wish you all the best, and of course much success with your blog.
    Until next time,
    Roy. (floroy1942)

  10. I enjoyed reading this. You hit the nail on the head. You have to love yourself before you can love anyone and that’s great that you’ve learned this important piece of life’s journey at such a young age. I wish the best best in life Nissi…..keep writing and sharing good stuff.

  11. Cindy Sandifer says:

    very wise words. also, you have a gift for writing! i thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. 🙂
    blessings to you.

  12. judithatwood says:

    Hi, Nissi, I’m so glad you stopped by the blog! I have joined your ‘following,’ and I’m looking forward to reading more of your work. I spent the first 49 1/2 years of my 51 in the self-hatred and hyper-awareness. I have finally outgrown my terrible teens, and it really helps to read your thoughts on this! Enjoy your rest!

  13. flygurlual says:

    Thanks for the follow, Nissi. And I so enjoy your posts!
    I need to be reminded to “love myself.” You’re wise beyond your years, and I’m thankful for your encouraging words.
    May you be blessed, as you bless others!

  14. atticannie says:

    I’m glad you found me. I think it will be interesting to follow you. You would make a lovely granddaughter. The love you mention where people become fearful is based on insecurity and lack of confidence. It leads to jealousy and possessiveness. “In love” is a chemical connection. “Being love” is a spiritual gift to others who are attracted to you because of it. Good luck with your path. You seem to be on a good one. AA.

  15. Yes and once you have learned to love yourself, the only way to love someone else is to be all in and holding nothing back. Most women have the fantasy of happily ever after but rarely or ever consider what that looks like for a man. Do yourself a favor and ask your guy (assuming that you have one,, if not ask your potential guy) what his version of “happily ever” after looks like for hi. Then you need to listen very closely and do your best to give it to him. It is by necessity a two way street to achieve.

    Blessings on you and yours

  16. spirit be free … check out
    we need to make choices that are good for us and the people around us

  17. Alternativepoet says:

    Totally agree with the statement about being in love, it’s when we’re most vulnerable, thanks for visiting my place Nissi 😊

  18. Very smart post, like I always say, in order to be loved,and and get the best of life, you must love yourself first. All the best

  19. RedSara says:

    i sometimes think love can be defined as the expansion of our sense of self to include another. Since our capacity to love is infinite, what does it say about how we are connected?
    Also, since our times school us to be self-interested, we defeat ourselves and our loving nature, by not thinking of ourselves as including others. Hmmm… i think i sound like a Buddhist!
    Thanks for writing!

    • Wow RedSara I think that calls for a whole new beautiful post! I love your thinking! You are right, by nature we have been wired to love another, yet our society is so self obsessed that we are now starving ourselves by spending all our time trying to please ourselves. Very interesting point.

  20. nelle says:

    if others ask what do you know about love, tell them ‘plenty’. I’m 57, and people confuse life experience with knowing all there is to know, and that right there is a major failure on their part. Think of love as an ocean, where we might go in thousands of miles apart under vastly different conditions. No two experiences are alike. The only thing that comes with age is knowing not to sweat change, and some never learn that one.

    You are never too old to learn, nor too young to teach.

  21. aawwa says:

    I like what you say in “Do you love yourself?” Great post!

    Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂


  22. anjalichugh says:

    Who says you are 22!! You seem to be more mature and spiritually evolved than most of the older ones out there (including me). What you said about ‘love’ / ‘loving oneself’ in few words can take a whole life time for some people to understand. You’re a real asset to people around you. God bless you. 🙂

  23. Love yourself is right on, God is life of yourself. The Greatest Commandment is love the Lord thy God; which is life of yourself.

  24. jojopant says:

    Beautiful article. Gives a lot to think about…..
    Thanks for dropping by at Thoughtful Thoughts… hope to have you return there soon.

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