How do you decide what hairstyle to do next?

I remember being around 15 and having a mixture of blue, gold, bronze, brown and black hair extensions in all at once! Yes I had all the colours in my hair. I thought I was uber cool and nobody could tell me anything about the way I should and should not do my hair. I literally went to the hair shop and picked nearly one of each colour. Looking back it is funny because it just so happens that I used that hair to take the picture for my provisional driving licence. So…yes that hair is the style I have now on my driving license (it is just luck for me that the picture is in black and white)! 5 years on and now that I have learned that there are certain ways I want people to view me, there are hairstyles I just will not do.

I recently had my hair weaved into a short middle part bob. It is something I have never done before and thought it would be interesting to try something new. I am trying to be a bit conservative for the time being and so 18inch extensions, wild colours or shaving my hair were ruled out from the outset. A week later and I am tired because the bob is too tired and conventional. It also does not help that I have misplaced my straighteners so I can only clip the hair up. To leave it out would mean presenting the world with a grizzly, unkempt mess and that simply is not fair. (NOTE TO THOSE OF YOU WHO THINK THE MESSY LOOK IS COOL…IT IS NOT!).

So anyway now I am trying to find a new style that is a middle ground between my wild and wacky vs calm and conventional. I know there are pics of celebs online, hair mags and youtube vids but I do not want to turn this into a huge research project…so how do you decide what to do with your hair next??

Any ideas please let me know!

Some pics I am using for inspiration:

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Nissi x


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One Response to How do you decide what hairstyle to do next?

  1. Neeks says:

    I like Oprah’s cut with the curl more at the bottom than all over. You have lovely eyes sweetie, that cut seems to set off Oprah’s eyes.
    That said, I think when we are happy and confident with who we are, there really isn’t much one can do to actually look bad.

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