Getting used to a new face cream: Is it really good for me?

I had a skin analysis 2 weeks ago and was told I have dry skin. From my picture above (basically no airbrush and I am not wearing foundation) you will see that my skin looks ok. My regular routine was to wash my face and moisturise it with whatever my mum happened to buy. I thought it was working for me. However you and I both know when something negative is said about us it seems to stick in our minds like some sort of toxic microbe that wants to invade and conquer all the nice thoughts we have about ourselves. So… miss beauty lady told me I had dry skin and me being me, I wanted to correct this. I did a bit of research, asked some ladies in my office, friends, family and decided to buy the nivea skin range for dry and sensitive skin.

 I do not know if my mind was playing games with me but when I first bought it, it felt great. Two weeks down the line and I am having second thoughts. My face seems to feel a bit clammy and today I thought I looked a bit on the shiny as opposed to glowing side. Now I am ovulating at the moment and know that my mind can play games during this period of hormonal attack but what do I do? Should I continue using the lotion and ride out this period of discomfort or go back to my old ways? I am aware that new routines take time to settle into but this my face I am talking about! Like most people (even though most do not have the oomph to admit it), I am precious about my face. I know this is not a life threatening problem but I thought to share it with you lovely people just in case you have been through something similar and can advise me??

Nissi x


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3 Responses to Getting used to a new face cream: Is it really good for me?

  1. Cakes McCain says:

    Stick it out for another week or 2. I often get pimples around ‘that time of the month’ so it could be just hormones. If you are really uncomfortable, Maybe you could use 2 creams, and switch when you get to ‘this time of the month’ or as needed.
    good luck!

  2. green makeup says:

    This Nivea line is not natural at all, so I am not surprised about your skin reactions. If you want check my post about it here:

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