Why buy products that support evil exploitation?

Today I had a discussion with a couple of people from church about the moral implications of buying certain products. Now I will not go into detail about the comnpanies I consider to be immoral (that is a whole blog series in itself), instead I wanted to use this space to think aloud about promoting by opting to buy their products. Now at the time of the discussion we were reading James 5: 1 – 7 ‘The warning to rich oppressors’. The passage talks about God’s dissaproval and anger of those who exploit the poor.

A strong opinion amongst some of the people I talked with was that by them deciding not to buy the product, they would not be making much of a difference because a lot of other people would still buy the product. This is a fair point but it also begs the question: should we only behave in a morally correct when when others do so to? My personal opinion is that we are individually responsible for own actions; whether the multitudes follow suite in doing right is up to them. However I can be accountable for myself. Therefore if I know that a company thrives on slave labour, child trafficking and sex slavery, I would prefer not to buy from there. It does not matter if the whole world shops there because the fact that I know they are involved in so much evil is enough for me to stop my hand investing in them.

We need to pay attention when we buy things.

Just saying.


Nissi x



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2 Responses to Why buy products that support evil exploitation?

  1. Cakes McCain says:

    I agree. I was having a similar conversation yesterday with a friend about communist China and how so many countries denounce the situation with China and Tibet – but pose no restrictions and allow floods of imports to their ports of entry. If the Chinese had fair and just labour laws and wages – would we even be able to buy their products so cheaply? Probably not. I live in Italy and it’s amazing all the clothing that is being sold here that is made in Chinese factories. I personally have opted to start buying more handmade clothes from entrepreneurs/designers on etsy.com – so much cool quality stuff at decent prices.
    check those labels! (just sayin’)

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