Pamper Days: Look good, feel good!

Today I bought my first pair of exfoliating gloves and I tell you no lies, I literally feel like my life is going to change. I saw that my mum had a pair but thought it was just a thing you did with age to try and fight the ageing monster; I could not have been anymore wrong. I am sitting to write a blog post about how great they are so that must be something! These gloves have taken my rough, dry, man hands to soft, supple, beautiful lady hands! All you do is put them on, soap up your hands and scrub. Miracle softness in minutes…it is amazing!

So why now? What made me add these bright pink gloves to my shopping basket? Well… I was in Westfield Stratford for the very first time. For those of you who do not know, Westfield is a huge, new shopping centre in London’s Olympic Village that has all shops you could ever dream of. It is nothing short of a woman’s heaven and caters to the needs of all! So anyway I was already on a ‘do- something- new’ streak. Westfield also has a Dermatolgica stand. I decided to go to the stand to check my skin out because eventhough I have amazing looking skin (yes I really do!), I have this major fear that with age it will be stripped away from me because of the hard water in my town and my seasonal drinking of water. So here was I with a skin care therapist and getting all this new wisdom. Apparently you should exfoliate 2 – 3 times a week to remove dead skin and cleanse daily. Also different materials should be used on different parts of the body so (I know now I am writing it seems obvious but I know I am not the only one who makes this mistake), your face towel is just for your face and your exfoliating scrub only for your body.

The ladies advice made me think about the lack of care I was giving my body so I decided to buy the gloves.

Furthermore my nails had recently started stripping and turning week. This terrible episode only started when I applied Sally Hansens to my nails. Now I am not slating the company, but my body personally does not like it. I learned a tough lesson by using the Hansen nail coat: if it is not broken, do not fix it! My nails were fine before but people kept telling me that Sally Hansens was great and I should use it as a base coat…well I did and now I am paying a dear price. I have had to stop using nail varnish, cut my nails short and keep filing and applying vitamin E and cuticle cream…I began my nail rehab today! The exfoliating gloves made the first session less painful.

So… I am glad and feeling quite pretty at the moment having invested some time in myself. Some people think beauty is superficial but it is certainly not. I am proud to be taking care of myself and more importantly feel refreshed!

What beauty secrets have you found out recently?

ps: see my picture below for mine – I have alread blogged about the gloves nad the little pink tub of nail care, I will blog about the other two in my next post).

my lovers ❤



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3 Responses to Pamper Days: Look good, feel good!

  1. Never heard of exfoliating gloves, but now am seriously thinking about getting a pair!

  2. Omg! If I can post a picture to show you how long my nails were before that base coat I would! I had to file all my nails down to the minimum and the skin was all over grown due to how long my nails were before! That stuff stripped and cracked and just messed up my claws! Now I’m working on bringing my sexy back. I have been using and was using before Sally a garlic and vitamin E base coat made them strong and healthy! I will have to try these gloves they sound amazing!

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